CP Communications HD-1 Gets Busy at U.S. Open Golf

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CP Communications HD-1 Gets Busy at U.S. Open Golf

CP Communications has rolled out HD1, a new remote production truck that is designed for smaller RF shows that require up to eight RF cameras. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t working big shows as it recently was used by both Sky Sports and NHK for coverage of the U.S. Open golf tournament, held in Pinehurst, NC earlier this month.

The newest truck from CP Communications, HD-1, was on hand at the U.S. Open golf tournament in support of multiple networks.Kurt Heitmann, CP Communications, senior vice president, says Sky made use of two wireless cameras and a wireless super slo mo system while NHK required two wireless cameras of their own.

“We used the newest RF system from Wave Central that makes use of MPEG4,” explains Heitmann. “We tied the RF into the router in HD-6 and switched our own two shows in the front of the truck.”

The truck includes an RF shading and quality control area as well as engineering and audio quality control and, in the back, radio communications. All communications and signals were combined and filtered and transmitting from the mast on HD1. “We were also able to tow a engineering workshop in the trailer which comes in real handy when you are building super motion camera systems on golf carts,” he adds. “We also laid down 30,000 feet of fiber for the show. CP Communications also supported NBC and the USGA with eight RF handhelds as well as wireless X-Mo, Hyper Motion, POV cameras, and Flycam. A total of 20 receive mini sites handled transmission of 1.4 and 2 Gbps traffic while 90 camera sheds and more than 300,000 feet of fiber was required for four announce booth fiber kits.

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