STAGETEC Fiber Optics


The Nexus Audio Routing System by Stagetec is an amazing product line making use of fiber optic cable. Modular nodes can convert signals to any format and route them to any and all locations. Match the Nexus with one of Stagetec’s consoles and you have complete control at your fingertips.


Analog Audio

XAD+ – 8 Analog Inputs
XDA+ – 8 Analog Outputs
XMIC+ – 8 Microphone Inputs
HXAD – 16 A/D Converters
HXDA – 16 D/A Converters

Digital Audio

XDED – Dolby E Decoder
XDEE – Dolby E Encoder
XER – 4 Stereo AES/EBU Inputs
XET – 4 Stereo AES/EBU Outputs
XMF – Up to 64 Channels of MADI I/O
XSDI – I/O for Embedded Audio with SD-SDI video
XHDI – I/O for Embedded Audio HD/SD-SDI video
XSF – I/O for Sony SDIF2
XTF – I/O for Tascam TDIF
XYF – I/O for Yamaha Y2/MEL2


XCI Serial Data Interface
XRI Relay Interface
XTI Data Forwarding – RS232/422/485, ADAM, MIDI, DMX & LTC DATTA