Two-Way Radio

CP Communications’ two-way land mobile radio (LMR) division, known as “RF coms”, is a comprehensive source for a wide range of high power RF communications. From basic two way radios and repeaters to high powered PL’s and multi-site/multi-channel transmit and receive systems, CP provides solutions for virtually any production communications requirement. Leveraging state of the art products and technologies from leading manufacturers, along with our extensive in-house engineering capabilities, CP solutions include radio over IP (ROIP), RF over fiber (RFOF), proprietary interfaces for digital radio PL’s, precise filtering with minimal IMD, and frequency coordination, including STA’s where necessary.

All equipment and systems are aligned and fully tested prior to shipping and again upon return using advanced test equipment operated by trained technicians. Packaging is sensible and efficient, enabling the client to better keep track of inventory while offering optimal equipment protection.


Mobile Radios

Portable Radios