The HD CameraLink is designed to handle sports, news and other remote applications. The HD CameraLink provides a comprehensive HD-SDI, audio, 4wire intercom and data solution over two strands of fiber. The system is a custom solution comprised of a camera end and a control end powered by Multidyne Fiber optics.

HD CameraLink camera end provides one 3G HD-SDI path to control side that support all SMPTE standards plus one path of video return for either genlock or monitoring. In addition, the system provides a tally interface and asynchronous RS-232/422/485 data for camera control or other uses. Plus the HD CameraLink provides two channels of line level audio sends and two channels of line level audio aux returns. The system also provides one 4wire bidirectional audio link for intercom connections.

The HD CameraLink solution is reliable, provides a quick easy set up and makes ecient use of ber optic single mode strands.