Live From MLB All-Star Game: Vendor Notebook

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Live From MLB All-Star Game: Vendor Notebook

This year’s MLB All-Star production is loaded with advanced technology from broadcasters and technology developers from across the country.

Fox Sports, ESPN, MLB Network, MLB International,, and a laundry list of international broadcasters are in Minneapolis, and some of the industry’s top tech companies have brought their best to make this the most advanced MLB All-Star Game yet.

CP Communications
CP Communications is again the king of RF transmission at MLB All-Star festivities. All the major broadcasters on hand are relying on CP to take in all RF video and audio feeds and distribute them to the appropriate sources.

CP Communications’ Kurt Heitman with the newly renovated RF5 trailerTo prepare for this jam-packed event, CP pulled one of its top trailers, RF5, off the road for a few months to refurbish it to create a fully networked environment.

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