Radio Frequency Coordination Services

With over 20 years’ experience coordinating for a wide variety of events, CP offers a broad range of event RF coordination services for all Broadcast Auxiliary Services, spectrum bands, as well as VHF/UHF business band two-way radio.  From college games to the major leagues, television broadcasts to corporate presentations, CP’s extensive expertise can help assure reliable performance from all the RF elements.


Services Include:

• RF spectrum site surveys and transmission link paths
• Intermodulation analysis and avoidance
• Special Temporary Authorities
• Pre-event coordination and registration of RF/wireless users
• On site event frequency coordinators
• Spectrum auction re-banding and re-allocation consulting

Coordination of:

• Core TV bands (TV channels 2-51)
• BAS bands (450-451MHz, 455-456MHz, 944-952MHz, 2GHz, 6GHz)
• Part 90 VHF and UHF (450-512MHz) bands (not an FCC designated coordinator)
• ISM and license-free bands (900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5GHz), where practical.