Fully Automated Live News & Sports Desk Production

Employing advanced AI technology, VPilot accurately switches and controls PTZ cameras by analyzing 3D video images and audio signals in the studio or on location. Control over the cameras, a switcher and a graphics engine enables vivid and accurate capture of any interview or news production without the need for camera operators or a director.

The VPilot platform contains the following products:

  • Virtual Director — Software that employs AI algorithms and external inputs from microphone levels, auto-cue status, the rundown and web-based control panel to automatically switch between cameras
  • Virtual Cameraman— Software that runs on an automated studio control box and focuses and points PTZ cameras based on input from the Virtual Director system and 3D sensors.
  • LinkMatrix— A web-based, multi-destination platform that allows broadcasters to control, manage and administer their wireless multiplex technology (WMT) devices and connections, and to publish the same feed on many platforms, including Social Media channels and private CDNs
  • VPanel — A studio control box that supports both manual and fully automated production


  • Image and voice recognition
  • Auto-direction based on audio, auto cue and a web-based control panel
  • Rundown control and seamlessly switching to external feeds
  • Multi-platform output from a single feed, including Social Media and private CDNs
  • Web-channel ready, including live switching

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Download the VPilot datasheet