CP Communications has made a large investment in BLUESHAPE Granite Mini batteries for their rental inventory.

“After testing the batteries under real world circumstances we have decide to use the BLUESHAPE battery products as our battery of choice moving forward. The low profile and high capacity as well as the charging technologies makes the choice the right one for our technologies and therefore for our clients,” CP Communications CEO Kurt Heitmann says.

“The selection of BLUESHAPE batteries and accessories to bear the CP Communications logo is an exciting confirmation of the quality and innovation for the broadcast and image acquisition market.  We are pleased to provide the hardware and support services with our US marketing partner, BOLD Distribution of Nashville,” BLUESHAPE Managing Directors and Founders, Pietro Vignali and Enrico Ferretti says.

CP Communications, a provider of live-event broadcast production solutions and Mobile Viewpoint, manufacturer of IP contribution products, have signed an agreement to deliver Mobile Viewpoint’s portfolio of bonded cellular products and solutions in the US.

Dedicated IP encoding and decoding technologies, developed in close cooperation between the two companies, will be gradually rolled out in 2018. This cooperation enables both companies to complement their core strengths and to push forward innovations for remote video production to the next level using SaaS and IP technologies.

“We are extremely excited to offer MVP’s IP and bonded cellular solutions to our customers in the United States.  MVP’s platform is above and beyond anything else on the market.  It fits perfectly with CP’s core values regarding technologies, engineering and customer service,” CP Communications CEO Kurt Heitmannsays.

We are pleased to have been selected by CP Communications to develop dedicated appliances for their live broadcast product line. This agreement validates the quality and effectiveness of our product portfolio and opens up a whole new market and group of customers for Mobile Viewpoint in the US,” Mobile Viewpoint Managing Director Michel Bais says.