Crisp, Clear Communication

Radio Frequency (RF) coordination is for more than broadcast alone. Any event using wireless devices can benefit from having clear signals! An international leader in RF coordination, CP has the expertise to choose and coordinate the frequencies used on-site to ensure your communications are optimal and your event is a clear success.

No Matter How Big or Small

You have plenty to think about on shoot days. Worrying about your RF communications shouldn’t be Regardless of the size of your event or installation, it just takes one wireless microphone user wandering around to interfere with multiple parts of it! Because most wireless audio and video devices work within the same frequency bands, organizing the available spectrum is critical. That’s where CP comes in. We can build your system, whether it is 10 devices or 500 plus, to organize the frequencies in use and provide an interference-free operation.

Planning for Success

Good wireless communications management begins with good planning. CP’s approach to frequency coordination begins with a site survey, which will determine the correct frequency bands for your area and the best equipment to use for your specific event. CP will then create a database to effectively organize and manage all aspects of spectrum sharing, including coordinating with the facility and other vendors.

As part of the planning process, CP will also perform thorough analyses to ensure compliance with all FCC regulations. We will help you acquire the necessary FCC Authorizations, either permanent licenses or special temporary permissions, for your equipment to operate in specific frequency ranges.

Smooth Sailing, Interference-Free

To guarantee smooth sailing on the day of your event, CP will assign a frequency coordinator to your team, responsible for synchronizing all wireless cameras, microphones, and communications and audio equipment in the network and making sure they are interference-free.

Our coordinator will set up a dedicated location at your event, where all wireless devices will be checked in and verified to be operating on the correct frequency. We also will utilize spectrum analyzers and other monitoring devices to locate and eradicate sources of interference.


· RF spectrum site surveys & transmission link paths

· Intermodulation analysis and avoidance

· Special temporary authorities

· Pre-event coordination & registration of all wireless users

· On-site event frequency coordinators

· Spectrum auction rebanding & re-allocation consulting