A Mobile Unit for Every Type of Live Event

CP Communications offers a fleet of vehicles to support all of your broadcast, streaming and live event production needs. Our units vary in size from small 14-foot trailers with a generator to large 53-foot tractor-trailers with expanding sides. Also available are customized Smart Cars, motorcycles, boats and a variety of hauling trailers.

Streaming & Live Event Production Units

All of our production trucks come equipped with the latest RF and IP routing systems and streaming technology, providing seamless switching and integration of wireless and bonded cellular cameras for clients like B-Live Productions, Carr-Hughes Productions, ESPN, Fox and MLB Network. 

  • HD-21: 53-foot Expando HD broadcast, streaming and live event production truck
  • CP1: RF communications and streaming trailer
  • RHS1: 53′ hauler with extended lift gate for cars
  • RHS-36 Production Truck: Offering unmatched technology, flexibility, and versatility, the RHS-36 is an ideal solution for broadcast-quality coverage of live sports, concerts, and corporate events. The RHS-36 truck comes complete with 7 Grass Valley broadcast cameras, Ross Video switching, Ross XPpression graphics, Evertz DreamCatcher Replay, Yamaha audio, and Web streaming encoding, all in one compact footprint. Download Datasheet
  • Spark HD: Spark HD is the latest mobile unit to roll out of Red House Streaming. While relatively compact, Spark HD still packs a punch. An amazing stand-alone production unit, it also functions as a B-Unit Edit space, Submix, and Executive QC space. Download Datasheet

Custom Camera Cars

We offer customized electric Smart Cars for use as talent and on-course vehicles, all 4K-capable.

Specialty Vehicles

We are proud to partner with Media Motos to provide a range of specially designed and rigged liquid-cooled motorcycles, electric scooters, and specialty vehicles for broadcast transmission of live events — even boats!