Shoot and Stream Breaking News from Anywhere

Today’s mobile networks allow you to share live HD and 4K video instantly, securely and cost-efficiently from almost every location in the world. CP’s turnkey news solutions feature leading-edge IP and cellular bonding technology from Mobile Viewpoint (MVP) to let you shoot and deliver breaking news to broadcast and OTT TV channels, CDNs, social media platforms — or any URL.

News Production

MVP solutions are easy-to-operate, lightweight and meet today’s exacting requirements for live content acquisition. All MVP encoders utilize bonded cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, BGAN and satellite networking. They can be used as backpack solutions, in a newsgathering vehicle, and even from your smartphone. A web-based management tool, LinkMatrix, can be operated locally or centrally, and makes it easy to send content to your destination of choice.

Versatile Solutions for Custom Workflows

Newsgathering solutions from CP let you work the way you want. Transmit content to your production facility. Live stream it direct to Facebook, YouTube, APIs and CDNs. Record it locally to a playout server, and then send proxy files to the studio for editing. Send RTP feeds direct to a multiviewer for remote user viewing. Our solutions are not only versatile, they’re safe, secure, reliable and meet the highest QOS standards.

Our Solutions

Turnkey news production and bonded cellular streaming solution
MVP Live Video Solutions
Fully automated live news and sports desk production



News-Focused Production and Bonded Cellular Streaming Solution


Turnkey Automated Live News Production Solution