MVP Live Video Solutions

IP streaming and bonded cellular devices

Award-Winning Tech

Mobile Viewpoint products support the latest high-resolution video formats and codecs, and feature award-winning bonded cellular streaming technology, enabling the highest quality possible quality using the lowest possible bandwidth.

Agile Airlink

Multicamera H.265 encoder

MVP’s ultra-thin Agile Airlink is a wearable, ruggedized transmitter that transmits two video streams via eight combined 3G/4G connections for high-quality live streaming. H.265 live video transmission offers superior picture quality at lower bandwidth consumption, and also saves money on data cards. Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections can be used to maximize upload capacity.

TerraLink Mini

The TerraLink Mini is a 19-inch-high H.265/HEVC encoder with two bonded Ethernet connections and upgradability to eight 3G/4G modems. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet allows broadcasters and content owners to go live from any location with superior-quality live video from any location where there is mobile connectivity.


Agile Airlink

The Thinnest H.265 Encoder With Up to Four Camera Unputs and Data Bonding