Part of CP Communications’ family of Red House Streaming STREAM packages, CamSTREAM enables single- or dual-camera acquisition with streaming support over bonded cellular, Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks, assuring connectivity from virtually any location. The plug-and-play solution eliminates the need to assemble systems across multiple vendors and service providers, allowing for rapid deployment in the field and greatly easing setup — while also reducing costs.

High Resolution

CamSTREAM offers broadcast-quality video streaming at 1080p resolution with 16 channels of professional audio. Remote camera control and shading, enabled through a browser-based interface, which can be accessed locally or remotely via a Mobile Viewpoint (MVP) TerraLink Mini encoder, reduces the need to hire a camera crew while ensuring coverage with virtually any shot or camera angle.

Higher Versatility

With its ease of use and small footprint, CamSTREAM is an ideal solution for corporate meetings, AV installations, distance learning, worship services, video and radio podcasting, webinars, modest TV studio productions and the streaming of many other types of live events.

More CamSTREAM Features

Fast, easy setup by a single technician

Remote configuration and monitoring

Up to 1080p resolution and professional-quality audio

Either hard wire or bonded cellular connectivity — or both


CamSTREAM for Live Sports & News

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